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Krystal International Vacation Clubs knows that there are many beautiful cities in Mexico that are abundant with beaches, resorts, shopping, and more. One of the best vacation destinations that people should travel to this summer in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. This city is perfect for a family fun vacation or a romantic getaway for two and has plenty to see and do.

One of the most popular and exciting sites that Puerto Vallarta has offered is the Malecon. This means “boardwalk” in Spanish and is located in the downtown arena. While strolling down this boardwalk on the edge of the ocean, visitors can look at many sites and sounds that the area has to offer. Vendors and artists can be seen on the side of the street, as well as a large variety of restaurants and shops that are perfect for tourists to stop. In the evening, people can soak in the breathtaking sunset and then go out on the town and enjoy the clubs and nightlife entertainment.

The symbol of Puerto Vallarta that can be seen plastered on all different types of souvenirs and is a favorite for tourists is the Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish. Krystal International Vacation Clubs says that this church is always bustling with activity and is quite easy to spot. The parish dominates the skyline and is located near the main square of the city. Bells ring out from the church that call people to mass, and people are able to observe a service in both English and in Spanish.